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Fairy tales. Сказки для детей и взрослых

Fairytale Therapy

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Little Havroshechka. Russian folktale


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The full text in Russian and English languages

Little Havroshechka

Russian folktale

There are good people in the world and some who are not so good. There are also those who are shameless in their wickedness.

Little Khavroshechka had a bad luck to fall in with such as these. She was made an orphan and these people took her in, brought her up, only made her work till she could not stand. She wove and spun and did the housework and was responsible for everything.

Her mistress had three daughters. The eldest was called One-Eye, the second Two Eyes and the youngest Three Eyes.

The daughters did nothing but sit by the gate and watch what went on in the street, while Little Khavroshechka worked for them: she sewed, spun and wove for them –and never heard a kind word in return.

Sometimes Little Khavroshechka would go out into the field, put her arms round the neck of her brindled cow and pour out all her sorrow to her.

- My dear Cow! They beat me and scold me, they don`t give me enough to eat and forbid me to cry. I have to spin five pounds of flax, wove, bleach and roll it by tomorrow.

And the cow would say in reply:

- My bonny lass, climb into one of my ears and come out through the other and- your work will be done for you.

And so it was. Little Khavroshechka would climb into one of the cow`s ears and come out through the other and lo and behold!- there lay the cloth, all woven and bleached and rolled.

Little Khavroshechka would take the rolls of cloth to her mistress. She would look at them and grunt and them put them in a chest and give Little Khavroshechka even more work to do.

Little Khavroshechka would go to her dear Cow, put her arms around her and stroke her, climb into one of her ears and come out through the other, pick up the ready cloths and take it to her mistress again.
One day the mistress called her daughter One Eye and said:

- My good daughter, my bonny child  go and see who helps the orphan: to spin, to weave and to roll?

One Eye went with Little Khavroshechka into the field and forgot her mother`s command, basked in the sun and lay down on the grass. And Little Khavroshechka kept saying:

- Sleep, little eye, sleep!

One Eye`s little eye fell asleep. While she slept dear Cow wove, bleached and rolled the cloth.

The mistress learned nothing, so she sent her second daughter- Two Eyes.

- My good daughter, my bonny child go and see who helps the orphan.

Two Eyes went with Little Khavroshechka and forgot her mother`s command, basked in the sun and lay down on the grass. And Little Khavroshechka lulled her:

- Sleep, little eye, sleep another!

And Two Eyes shut her eyes. Dear Cow wove, bleached and rolled the cloth while Two Eyes slept.

The old women was very angry and on the third day she sent her third daughter – Three Eyes, and gave even more work to the orphan.

Three – Eyes played and skipped about and lay down on the grass.

Little Khavroshechka sang:

- Sleep, little eye, sleep another!

And she quite forgot about the third eye.

Two of the Three Eyes` eyes fell asleep, but the third looked on and saw everything: Little Khavroshechka climbed into one of the cow`s ears and came out through the other and picked up the ready cloth.

Three Eyes came back home and told everything to her mother.

The old woman was happy and on the very next day she came to her husband and said:

- Kill the brindled cow!

The old man tried to talk her in:

- Have you lost your mind, old women? The cow is young and good!

- Just kill it and say no more!

It could not be helped. The old man began to sharpen his knife. Little Khavroshechka found out about that ran to the field, put her arms around the brindled cow and said:

- My dear Cow! They want to kill you!

And the Cow answered her:

- And you, my bonny lass, do not eat my meat and collect my bones, tie them up in a kerchief, bury them in the garden and water them every day and never forget me: water my bones every day.

The old man killed the cow. Little Khavroshechka did everything as her dear cow instructed her: she went very hungry but she did not touch the meat and she buried the bones in the garden and watered them every day.

And an apple tree grew out of them, and what a wonderful tree it was! Its apples were round and juicy, its rustling leaves were gold and its swaying boughs were of silver. Whoever drove by would stop and whoever passed nearby – stare in astonishment.

Along time passed by or little time – One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes were walking in the garden. And at that time a young, handsome, strong, rich and curly-haired man was riding by. He saw round apples in the garden and started to tease the girls:

- Beautiful  maidens, her I will marry amongst you three who will bring me the apple.

And three sisters rushed off to the apple each trying to get ahead of the others.

But the apples which had been hanging very low and seemed within easy reach now swung up high above the heads.

The sisters tried to knock them down – but the leaves came down and blinded them. They tried to pluck the apple off –but the boughs caught in their braids and unplaited them. Struggle and stretch as they might-they scratched their hands, but could not reach the apples.

Little Khavroshechka walked up to the tree – and the boughs bent down and the apples came into her hands. She treated that strong man and he married her. And she lived happily and without sorrows.

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