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Consulting Psychologist specializing in Positive Psychology

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    Логинова Ольга Иосифовна - психолог по позитивной психологии, арт-терапевт, тренер НЛП

  Loginova Olga Iosifovna: Consulting Psychologist specializing in Positive Psychology

Graduated from Moscow Institute of Positive Technologies and Consulting, former Institute of Positive Therapy

Holder of professional certificates in Art Therapy and Family Therapy:

·  Art Therapy;

·  Methods of Art Therapy: Phototherapy;

·  Family Psychology and Family Consulting


I am certified  Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I studied NLP Practical Course in the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology, under tutorship of Professor Gordeev M. N., M.D., candidate of science in teaching, psychotherapist. 


I was professionally trained in psychotherapeutic method of

De-sensibilisation and processing by means of moving eyes  

under tutorship of professor V. A. Domoratsky, M.D.





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The psychological help to foreign citizens in difficult reality situations


In which cases it’s advisable to see the psychologist? 

  • Difficult family relations: treason, divorce

  • Difficulties in parents-children relations

  • Loss of a close person

  • Loneliness

  • Complicated relations with co-workers

  • Conflict subordination relations

  • Fear and anxiety 

  • Depression and Stress

  • Internal Conflict

  • Low self-esteem

  • Psychological Trauma

  • Psychosomatic problems

  • Sleep disorders: problems with falling asleep, nightmares

  • Child’s adaptation to school

  • Psychological assistance to adolescents


What is included into psychological assistance program?

Consulting Psychologist will help you:
1. To see the problem from another point of view and to find solutions even in the most complicated life situation

2. To reveal internal resources of the personality enabling to solve the problem

3. To feel comfortable


Loginova Olga. "Metaphoric photo cards in family consulting", 2015 Логинова О.И. "Метафорические фотокарты в семейном консультировании"

Loginova Olga Iosifovna
"Metaphoric photo cards in family consulting"
. Practical guidance "How to overcome the crisis in the family"
120 metaphoric cards.
Russia, Moscow, 2015


Psychological consulting

The following methods are used for psychological consulting:

1. Positive Therapy Method
2. Art Therapy Methods:
   - Fine Art Therapy (
work with drawings);
   - Phototherapy
 (work with photos)
   - Color therapy;
   - Game Therapy;
   - Story Telling Therapy


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Sand Therapy Method (English)

Psychosomatics (English)

Story Telling Therapy when Working with Children and Adults (English)

Stress (English)
Suicide (English)

Fairy tales (English)

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